Thursday, 4 October 2012

Stubborn stains on glass top stoves

I'd like to pretend I did the following on purpose, however, I'm sure I am not the first so let me share my solution with head hung a little low today...
Supper was ready, moved the pot off the hot burner, grabbed a tortilla wrap and put the package on the stove.. Didn't clue in until after supper that I had placed it on the hot burner. :'( I ended up with a lovely image of the package right on my burner.

My solution... Surface Master stainless steel powder cleaner from Saladmaster! I sprinkled a little bit directly to the (cooled) burner, and then wiped with a wet cloth, and......

 BAM all gone! This stuff is a regularly used item in my kitchen, as it is great for keeping my pots and pans looking their best estimate, but and makes my sink nice and shiny as well!

For any questions on this Saladmaster product or any others go here

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