Friday, 28 September 2012

Thanksgiving hearts

With thanksgiving approaching, it is the time of year to set our hearts and minds on the blessings in our lives. Often we let a good moment or feeling pass quickly, and allow ourselves to be consumed with the less pleasant aspects of life.

One great way that I found for getting my family together to focus on the good in life, is a thank you board.

My daughter and I went to the dollar store and gathered some supplies.  We bought; 1 poster board, a pack of pre cut flower felts and a pack of letter stickers. (we did this in spring, hence the pastel and flowers. However, it can be easily adapted to any seasonal theme.)

Every night when my husband got home from work we would sit down and say what we were thankful for, write it on the flower and glue it to the board.  Some days were definitely more challenging then others, as we made a deal in the beginning to have no repeats, but it was very interesting to see what each person considered important and meaningful.   

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