Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lysol no touch soap dispenser

I finally broke down and bought one of these new fancy contraptions because I do like the idea behind it, especially since we are entering flu and cold season!  However, when the original refill became empty, I was less then thrilled about having to fork out $4.99 + tax on a new one.  So I decided to attempt to pry off the cap and fill it with something a whole lot cheaper... All I had to do was slide a butter knife under the cap near the middle, wiggled and pushed, and POP off came the cap!  I didn't have any fancy hand soaps in the cupboard, so instead I put in some good 'ol sunlight dish soap.  It's great at breaking down grease for dirty man hands, you can go fancy and get the hand softening ones for those of us who are constantly washing our hands because we just don't have time to be sick, and... it's dirt cheap!  A 950mL bottle of sunlight is $1.89 at Canadian tire, a 251mL bottle of lysol no touch refill is $4.99! That means you could refill the refill bottle with sunlight 3.78 times for $1.89, or you can spend $18.86 for an equivalent amount of the lysol refills.  That is a savings of $16.97.  With the amount of hand washing in this household, I will definitely take the savings!  Now just to see how many times I can pop the cap off before it is no longer useable...

Refill #2 was successful, and which means I saved another $4.99! (Sept 29th, 2012)

Refill #3 was successful, which means i saved another $ 4.99!

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